Group Exercise

Our weekly group exercise activities currently consist of HillFit, HillFit Intro, TrailFit, Nordic Walking and Pilates. All sessions compliment each other very well – reflecting the holistic nature of our approach to physical fitness – from aerobic fitness capability, to muscle balance, strength and tone, postural correction and challenging the body effectively in natural environments…as nature intended!

Additionally, we run regular Guided Walks, Trail Runs, Day Workshops and more through our sister website at WalkRun Clwydian

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This session sees participants covering mostly trail and fell terrain in beautiful surroundings, with the emphasis being on walking quickly/running and exercises specifically designed to improve your ability to move over trail and hill terrain. Training in the hills has amazing residual health and fitness benefits and equally amazing views are on offer!

HillFit Intro


In this slightly shorter version of the HillFit sessions, we still get the great views, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, undertake some great exercise – in a session where we use our own body weight and the natural environment for our workout. As in HillFit, we travel around varying routes from the car park, using group drills and natural features for exercises along the way. The distance travelled is less than the regular HillFit sessions, so is ideal for those less able or inclined to run so much. It also represents a good stepping stone to get involved with the later, more strenuous sessions.


TrailFit is a session that takes in the paths and parks around Ruthin town centre – walking/running around a variety of routes whilst using environmental features and our own bodyweight to create a balanced, full body workout for all abilities. Even for those living in the town, you likely to go to areas where you haven’t been before! There’ll be a few ‘speed bumps’ to contend with – but the routes we’ll use during TrailFit will obviously be less hilly than it’s hill-based counterpart.

Pilates Stretch

pilates pagePilates continues to be a very popular form of activity, recognised as an ideal way to compliment any exercise programme. Pilates promotes good posture, enhanced mobility and flexibility, correct breathing and muscle tone. Our Pilates stretch session does what it says on the tin, there is of course a strengthening element to it, but a major focus would be on joint mobility and flexibility. Great for injury prevention, as well as rehabilitation – ‘Prehab’ as well as Rehab!


Pilates Strength

Our strength session is a lot more physical than the stretch equivalent – it’s still low impact, the movements are still slow and controlled, and you’ll still get a thorough, balanced workout. Do expect to get a more comprehensive muscular challenge, a full body approach that’ll really strengthen, tone and get results when performed regularly.


Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking WarmUpFirst developed by cross country skiers to train suitably in the summer months when the snow melted this is a fun, sociable and hugely effective full body workout. Walking using the Nordic poles works most of the upper body muscles and gives you a great aerobic workout whilst burning up to 46% more calories than regular walking. The Nordic technique promotes good posture and can help those with back and joint problems.