Beckie has just moved to the midlands and has left the HillFit sessions behind, at least for now – and had this to say about her experience of the sessions:


‘Having trained with Joe for the best part of three years, I feel I am well placed to comment on his sessions. Before I became a regular hill-fitter, I had run as minimally as possible as I thought it was all about speed and competition. Joe’s groups opened my eyes to the type of exercise I didn’t know existed, but quickly learnt to love. His sessions always attract a complete mix of abilities and experience and it has been a pleasure to see new faces discovering Hill Fit for the first time. Joe is exceptionally skilled at ensuring every member of the group is exercising at their individual optimum and that no-one gets left behind. Joe’s guidance and belief in my ability has been the main reason behind my achievements which now – unbelievably! – include 5km, 10km and half marathon races around the UK. I know that, while I will never find another group like Hill Fit, I will always have the skills Joe has taught me to keep exercising and enjoying my surroundings. Thank you for everything Joe, can’t wait to come back!’