Beginner Hill Running Workshop

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Can't run up? Struggling with those descents? Does traversing unnerve you?

This morning workshop gives you the information that you need to make hill running achievable. With a few technical tips, some reassurance that walking is allowed (!) and education on the fundamentals behind the sport and the training required for improvement, you'll come away from the day ready to attack those hills and enjoy the fantastic benefits that come from running in the hills regularly! We'll start at our HQ on St Peter's Square in the beautiful town of Ruthin - and start things off with an informal chat and Coffee, before heading out onto some local trails along the River Clwyd to put some technical bits and bobs into practice. Then, you'll be taken up into the Clwydian Hills for a Hill Running session, where you'll realise that you can indeed run up and down hills - and have the tools and confidence to make great strides thereafter!

Pre booking and payment are essential for this half day workshop with OutFit Personal Fitness.

  • 4 Attendees
  • 27/10/2018 Date
  • 20/10/2018 Closing Date
  • £0.00 - £20.00 Price Range

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