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The Clwydian Ranger Short Course: Participants can expect to do no cover no more than 6 miles. (Depending on Nav skills!)

The Clwydian Ranger Long Course: Participants can expect to cover no more than 12 miles. (Depending on Nav skills!)

Set within the Clwydian Hills AONB - The Clwydian Ranger, is a new event where participants will be presented with map at registration, and from the start/finish area must find checkpoints that need to be visited in order, before returning to the HQ where they started. We can tell you that Checkpoints will be located withnig the central Clwydian Hill area, unless you get lost, you wont be going any further North than Penycloddiau summit, or any further South than Moel Famau summit. Public rights of way, roads and Open access areas can be used for your route. The CP's are located in positions that ensure a certain amount of ascent/descent is required - so if you like some hills, then you'll get them here. THERE WILL BE NO COURSE MARKINGS - you'll be navigatig your way to each CP, and back to the finish. 
Participants must NOT trespass and will observe the countryside code whilst taking part. An immediate DQ will result in anyone not following these rules. 

Electronic timing with Racetek will be used and participants must 'dib' at each checkpoint in order. Once again, the route is the choice of the participant and there'll be no route markings at all. It is advisable therefore to take part only whilst possessing some navigational skills.

All finishers will receive their event-specific medal and a free drink at the bar, upon finishing!

Mandatory Kit Requirement:

1 litre of Water 
Fully charged mobile phone
Map (Provided) and Compass
Waterproof Jacket
Hat and Gloves

Depending on the weather conditions, there may be an additional requirement of full body cover to be carried.

  • 2 Attendees
  • 29/07/2018 Date
  • 20/07/2018 Closing Date
  • £0.00 - £15.00 Price Range

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