Terms and Conditions

OutFit Membership Terms and Conditions, & Refund Policy

  • All Members of OutFit understand that physical activity of any nature, involves certain risks and OutFit Personal Fitness Ltd shall not be held responsible for any injury or loss to members, or damage to property as a result of taking part in any activities associated with membership.
  • All members are urged to consult their physician before embarking on any exercise regime, or event.
  • All Memberships are explained clearly as part of the joining process - and in signing up, all members agree that they understand the benefits/contstraints of each membership.
  • All membership fees are paid in advance - for either 1 month or 1 year's membership from the payment date.
  • For those signed up to a membership which entitles them to complimentary event entry, to benefit from this - they must be a member at the appropriate grade at the time of entry and on the day of the event - WITHOUT absence in between. Downgrading membership in between, shall invalidate that complimentary entry, and the member would have to pay to enter the event.
  • For members who use their membership to enter events for free, yet consistently do not take part - they may be asked to pay a 'no show' fee.
  • Members can cancel at any point, and membership shall continue to the point when the next payemnt is due to be taken. This will not be taken, and membership shall cease.
  • The garment given as part of joining OutFit is only available to those joining for the first time, not those rejoining.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for all fees paid. Those who are behind with their payments shall be excluded from the relevant groupos and shall not be entitled to the benefits of membership.
  • The 'freezing' of memberships whilst retaining member status shall only happen in exceptional cirumstances, at the discretion of Joe Cooper.

If you have any further queries please email: joe@out-fit.co.uk

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