Kit and Equipment Guidance for Challenges

For our Walk and Run Challenges, we will be sure to give you a specifc requirement for each particular challenge, but please be prepared to bring the following items. This is for your comfort, enjoyment and safety on each challenge.

- Appropriately supportive and grippy trail shoes/boots as necassary for your walk or run.

- Full body waterproof cover

- Spare Warm/Mid Layer

- Hat and Gloves

- Buff/Neckwarmer

- Mobile phone

- Means to carry at least 1 litre of water at a time/between refills

- High energy snacks

- Medications as required

- Spare change and Credit/Debit card

- Spare clothing and footwear

These are the main ones, but will vary from challenge to challenge. For your specific activity, there will be a mandatory kit requirement - usually consisting fo a mixtrue of the above items. We will communicate this to your in plenty of time before your challenge, and you will need to come with the mandatory items, or will not take part, and no refund shall be issued.

If you have any questions on kit - i.e what constitutes a waterproof garment, please get in touch!

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