Couch 2 Trail Runner - 10 Week Course




Our Coach to Trail Runner course is great for BEGINNER runners who find off-road running a bit scary and don't like the idea of either joining a running club 'full of fast people' or venturing out on their own, with the associated risks and pitfalls that brings.

It's a bit different from the common 'couch to 5k' courses that are around now - in that it enocurages exploration away from the tarmac with all of the benefits that brings, and you get to go about your running progressions in your own time, without pressure, but with constant support and coaching from the Course Leader. In addition, over the 10 week period, there'll be 5 Coaching Sessions, 1 every second Saturday to improve your confidence, skills and ability on the trails!

These will not just be about taking in some beautiful trails - it will teach you about key aspects of off road running. Technique - route finding and planning - appropriate kit - training holistically to get better and much much more. Alongside these, you'll benefit from the accountability of regular contact with your coach as you make your way through the specially designed running progression programme.

Cost: £52.50

What you get: 10 weeks of great advice, plans and support! A realistic running progression plan, designed for beginner runners, buit easily adapted for the more capable who do run, but are new to trail running. Constant support and advice as you go through the programme. Access to closed Facebook group with extra tips/motivation and training videos to help you on your way, and a lovely completion award at the end! 

Coaching Session Dates & Location


Session 1 & Course Commencement- 26/9/20

Session 2 - 10/10/20

Session 3 - 24/10/20

Session 4 - 7/11/20

Session 5 - 21/11/20

Why Trail Run? Enjoy greater full body workouts, get stronger, enjoy joint friendly running and the ability to go off the beaten track with more confidence and fitness than ever before. It's amazing where Trail Running can take you - start your journey with us!

Why OutFit? It's what we do, what we know, and what we believe in - and have done since 2007. We are experts in what we do - and love seeing people achieve great things through moving more, outdoors!

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