The Hawarden Estate Trail Relay


This new Summer evening event involves 2 hours of trail running, taking in a 2km lap from the HQ and transition area near the farm shop. Tackle the event in teams of 3, or as a solo runner to complete as many laps as you can within the allotted time. The shop will be open, there’ll be a fire roaring, and motivational music playing in the covered changeover area and the event will have a real fun and friendly feel to it, amongst some competition, of course!

There'll be medals, prizes and lots of fun at this event - what a way to spend a Friday evening!


Registration/Number pick up - 5.30-6.20pm

Race Start - 6.30pm

Race Finish - 8.30pm

Presentation - 9pm 

Solo Entrants

You’ll be dibbed at the end of each lap to get your times, and the winners will be those that complete the most laps within the 2 hour period.

Team Entrants

In teams of 3, only 1 runner runs at a time, with the changeover frequency  and running order being up to you! As with the solo event, the teams completing the most laps shall win the prizes.


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