The Vale of Clwyd 5km & 10km

First Name Last Name Race
Alexander Treloar 5km Unaffiliated
Andy Neish OutFit SNOWDON Member 10km
Ann-marie Roberts 10km Unaffiliated
Bob Neale 10km Affiliated
Brad Critchley 10km Affiliated
Carron Lane 10km Unaffiliated
Christine Wyn-Jones 10km Unaffiliated
Claire Wyn-Jones 10km Affiliated
David Baugh 5km Affiliated
Derek Doran OutFit SNOWDON Member 10km
Elen Baugh 5km Affiliated
Gareth Jones 10km Affiliated
Gareth Roberts 10km Affiliated
Graham Howell 10km Affiliated
Heather Martin 10km Affiliated
Jessica Sznerch 10km Unaffiliated
June Morgan OutFit SNOWDON Member 5km
Kelly Rudd 10km Affiliated
Linda Mckeown OutFit SNOWDON Member 10km
Luke Hughes 10km Unaffiliated

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