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  • Date 02/11/2019
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At OutFit, Hill Running is a big part of what we offer, and what we believe in. The reason why it is so rewarding, is the challenge it represents - it requires strength, aerobic fitness capability and various techincal skills and attritbutes - but the great news is, it is so accessible to people. In this workshop we will help those new to hill running, and seasoned runners alike, get more from their training, and time in the hills through the technique part of the workshop, looking at body position on different terrains, foot strike, cadence, optimal route choice and even things like footwear and other essential kit. Walking is a big part of hill running too - and you'll learn when, and how best to employ a walk on some slopes. A goal of this workshop is also to send you away with the tools to employ effective training techniques, to help you improve and pass on to your fellow runners. Which muscles should I be looking at strengthening to help with my descents? I often get back pain on long ascents, why is this and how can I address it? We'll have the answers for you and help you improve going forwards.

We'll also dedicate a good amount of time to teach you some basic, but vital navigational skills - which will give you more confidence to explore more yourself, take on races where navigation is a requirement, and if nothing else - it's a fun exercise to do!

The workshop shall run from 9.30am - 1pm.

Location: Plas Dolben Farm, Llangynhafal


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