Loggerheads Trail 5/10 Mile Races

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The longer version of our popular 5 and 10k races, the routes take in even more of this wonderful area, and are varied in terms of terrain and challenging as a result. That said, there are no time limits, and runners of all abilities are welcome to come and take part in this lovely, family-friendly environment.

The 5 Mile loop is completed twice by 10 Mile runners, and there is a 5 mile Canicross discipline, too.

The early race starts are to avoid the busy middle part of the day, given the popularity of the park, and so runners can expect quiet trails to stretch their legs on.

With fully marked and marshalled courses, great scenery and on site facilities, it should make for an excellent morning of running at Loggerheads Copuntry Park.

Race Registration; 7.30-8.15am

5 Mile Canicross Race Start: 8.20am

10 MIle Race Start: 8.30am

5 Mile Race Start: 8.40am



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