Outfit Points Challenge - JANUARY

Outfit Points Challenge - JANUARY
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January Points Challenge
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Our (Members Only) Monthly Points Challenge has the aim of encouraging people to go further, higher and explore new places. A point is awarded for every 5km travelled, and every 100m of ascent gained. It is accumulative, meaning that even a 1km Walk with 50m of ascent counts towards your final monthly total. You’ll need to send over details of your walk or run each time you get out, via the challenge facebook group, so that we can keep an accurate record of points totals and our leaderboard up to date - this can be done via a mobile app such as Strava, or an online community such as Movescount to give 2 examples. Compete at the top of the regularly updated leaderboard for prizes, or try to beat your previous best - it’s all designed to get you moving!


NAME          DISTANCE          ASCENT          POINTS

Rhian J    138.4km    4777m   74

Jo M         93.7km    3101m     49

Karen J    98.4km     2102       40

Andrew T  63.48km  2579m     37

John F     94.12km   1844        36

Sally P      80.19km  1903m     35

Dawn M    99.2km    1537m     34

Linda M    14.1km    267m         4

Rachel H   10.4km   209m        4


ALL TIME LEADERBOARD (This shows only the best score for an individual)

1) Peter Gore Rees Aug 2018 - 150 Points

2) Heather Martin Aug 2018 - 133 Points

3) Pippa Jarvis Dec 2018 - 108 Points 

4) Aled Humphreys Sept 2018 - 107 Points

5) Linda Mckeown Oct 2018 - 97 Points

6) Andrew Thomas Aug 2018 - 93 Points

7) June Morgan Oct 2018 90 Points

8) Rhian Jones Nov 2018 80 Points

9) Mark Roberts Aug 2018 67 Points

10) Sally Pritchard Aug 2018 59 Points


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