The Dee Valley & North Berwyn Way Run Challenge

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  • Date 25/09/2021
  • Start 07:00


This 30 Miler combines two fine waymarked routes - The Dee Valley Way and The North Berwyn Way. A mixture of dramatic valley trails and high moorland terrain gives participants a varied, challenging day out in and above the Dee Valley - with just over 6000ft of ascent along the way. The route is circular, and starts and finishes in the popular town of Llangollen on the Rriver Dee.

Upon completion, you'll take away with you some wonderful memories, some new friends, and a local, LR specific, hand crafted memento to recognise your achievement! 

We are offering a limited number of spaces for this challenge, and will be providing the following, over the course of the day, to make your journey along the Llangollen Round, as safe, stress free and enjoyable as possible:

Fully Qualified Guides – will be looking after you. Leading you every step of the way, providing medical cover and helping with transportation – you’ll have no worries about getting lost, just relax and enjoy your surroundings and the challenge!

Checkpoint support – The day is split into 5 sections – approximately 5.5-7 miles in length, and at the end of each one we’ll meet you with your spare gear should you wish to change clothing policy, first aid provision and lots of food and drink to keep you going!

Replenishment – Whilst it’s recommended that you carry some snacks and water on sections yourself, we’ll both provide and transport suitable foodstuffs and water/energy drinks and will have them waiting for you at the end of each section throughout the day.

Transport – If the worst happens and you can’t continue, through injury or extreme fatigue – we’ll take care of getting you back to where you need to be. We’ll also carry any spare clothing/footwear or anything else (within reason!) that you may want at some point during the day.

We will be averaging around 3.7mph – a brisk walking pace for most, and this includes stops at the end of each section, so the emphasis is on keeping going, not speed! Think of walking briskly the climbs, jogging the flat sections and running the descents and you’ll end up with this average pace, or thereabouts. The pace will be dictated by the Run Leaders.



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