Wales Coast Path Virtual Challenge 2022

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The beauty of a challenge like this is that you do it on your terms, wherever you want!

The challenge runs for the whole year, so you have got plenty of time to accumlate the mileage to take you towards completion.

We obviously want you to follow ther rules in your area with regards COVID-19 - but encourage wherever possible, you to explore new places amd see great things whilst totting up your mileage which takes you through the challenge! You can run or walk, and tailor everything for you in terms of a schedule and a speed you want to tackle it at.

Logging your activities is easy and you'll automatically have your results added to your previous scores to give you a position on the overall leaderboard, and you can upload photos and keep your own photographic record of your progress and the places you got to, along the results.

A bespoke medal and a personalised certificate - in addition to lots of fitness gained and places visited through your activities, will all help to make the challenge a really rewarding and productive one!


Wales Coast Path Virtual Challenge 2022 Jan 2022

  • 01/01/2022, 00:00 - 31/12/2022, 23:59

    Wales Coast Path Virtual 2022


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